TangoForge students are
a Global Community of Dancers
committed to Sublime Connection
and Maximum Artistry
Every week we Broadcast our Studio classes
so that our global community
can learn together:
• Improvise without Memorizing
• Analyze and Diagnose Technique
Our students are investors
developing this community.
You can freely share the classes
with all your dance partners
and tango friends.
Your investment funds our work to build and share tools for rapid, effective tango education and Real Improvisation.
To become
a Scholar-Compañero,
visit Invest.

To show you how we teach, we invite you to try a typical evening's classes. 

We start with a Biomechanics class to build the technique skills we need for the week's Improvisation theme.

To join us for a class by video, just put your email here and we'll send it right away.