Apr 222017

We are thrilled to announce the next step in our work to encourage Real Improvisation from the Elements: A video series in YouTube which shows the systems of variations for every tango movement. Today we launch our channel of 1-2 minute videos showing variations of the first 10 elements from the Tango Lexicon. Technique instruction is still found in the KnowledgeBase.

Music by Cuarteto SolTango.


You can watch the whole playlist right here or go to the channel on YouTube: http://www.TangoForge.com/Tube.


If you actually prefer VIMEO (we do), it’s here: http://www.vimeo.com/channels/TangoForgeElements



Stop memorizing sequences*
and start improvising from the elements of Tango
*or being annoyed with yourself for not being able to remember them.

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If you are a Revel/Follower and want to know what you can do to encourage and facilitate more improvisation, read our post on how to be a Divine Space/Time Machine

 22 April 2017