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ICC VoleoWe dance Extreme Argentine Tango, which means:

  • Our tango is not a fusion with any other dance.
  • We are not interested in non-tango, or take some tango and do what you want.
  • We do not accept sloppiness, emotional or physical disconnection, lack of precise musicality.

Our tango takes the movements which were created by the 1940s, the systematization and analysis of the 1990s, and the physical fluidity introduced in the 2000s, to maximize the improvisational possibilities and the intensity of physical connection between the partners.

  • This tango requires a very high level of training and precision.
  • It is risky. We are ready to look foolish and undignified if something fails.
  • It is dangerous. It’s necessary to be careful about safety.
  • It requires highly-trained partners on whom we can rely.
  • Both partners must give and receive absolute trust.

Like any extreme sport, we are seeking to take Argentine Tango to its and our edges.

Our commitment to improvisation.

  • We do not in advance know the music we will dance to. (Our DJs mix songs so even when a song is familiar, it can change to another any time.)
  • We do not plan how we will start and end the dance.
  • We dance in the context of the space, the energy of our audience, and the music. This means we will want to do things we have never trained, and we do not hesitate in fear of failure.

Experience TangoForge

photo by Vikas Narula, photo editing by TC

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We start with a Biomechanics class to build the technique skills we need for the week's Improvisation theme.

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 17 July 2015