Broadcast 2017 02

Weekly Studio Class Video Broadcasts
Parada 16 September 2017 -   Bio Notes strengthen toes and arch of the foot use the muscles of the arches of the foot to explore a world of expression inside of every step – a way for the Revel to find pleasure try marking with all this expression – Revels need a perfect arch, with triceps to be able [...more]
Crosses 14 September 2017 -   Bio Notes First and second projection foot placement in crosses: pass the line of base leg’s toes, arrive onto tippy toes in front cross, ball of the foot in back cross set up the arch on top of the new foot  Impro Notes Cross with both feet! front or back, from ANY step.  (front, [...more]
calesita: single giro for the revel 1 September 2017 -   Biomechanics Impro Notes first, hold the projection in place the mark can move the projection by relaxing shoulders, often happens during open step, but he can also block it. revel can release own leg by relaxing her shoulders don’t just do voleos, use other ways to maximize: into the air, tapping, developé, tight muscles [...more]
Single Giro: Mark’s 22 August 2017 - Bio Notes oblique muscles rotate the spine there are two on each side (one for each direction), so whichever is the base leg, we have in its muscle chain one muscle to go right and another to go left. get to know, strengthen, and trust the obliques for every kind of pivot and lateral movement [...more]
Double giro 11 August 2017 -   Bio: Embrace Notes In the biomechanics class we study three aspects of the embrace: Basic stabilization: contraction of Shoulder external rotators + triceps Directional stabilization: contraction of anterior deltoids for direction toward/away from mark, contraction of supraspinatus correlating to lateral direction. Changes of embrace: lateral shoulder flexion every time we move in different directions [...more]
Sacadas Back 7 August 2017 - Hi students, Apologize that my dancing is very stiff this week. I aggravated an IT band, and back sacadas are probably the most painful thing I could try to do to it, so I’m barely moving in these videos. Bio Notes: Transfer of Weight Knee flexion of base determines size of the step: this varies [...more]
Sacadas: Front 31 July 2017 -   Bio Notes Mark has only 3 directions of intention away and toward are marked with psoas of base leg + stabilization of the shoulder joint (deltoid) lateral is marked with obliques of base leg + stabilization of pulling side’s supraspinatus Impro Notes Mark the Revel’s projection first Cooperate to transfer weight at the same [...more]
Ochos 23 July 2017 -   Bio Notes: Revel’s technique Use the obliques to pivot Make 1st and second projection The work of the obliques should be connected to the partner with tension from fingerpads to oblique muscles, and from foot muscles in second projection to obliques. Check that base leg is in external rotation before projection Instead of “collect”, [...more]
Molinete Lineal 12 July 2017 - Bio Notes projection starts in the base/arc obliques do the pivoting obliques for every lateral mark contract supraspinatus to convey continuous lateral intention. turn it off when you don’t want projection. Impro Notes Molinete lineal is the default way of walking laterally: front side back side…. We can do molinete lineal toward the open and [...more]
Walk and Change Foot 5 July 2017 - Bio Notes Arch of connection shoulder external rotators triceps deltoids Impro Notes We walk on 2, 3, or 4 tracks. As 4-legged animals, our gaits organize the footfalls into beats. We don’t use canter and gallop, but we use several standard animal gaits. 4-beat gait: amble 2-beat gaits: pace (parallel-system) and trot (cross-system) We can [...more]