Broadcast 2017 02

Weekly Studio Class Video Broadcasts
Molinete Lineal 12 July 2017 - Bio Notes projection starts in the base/arc obliques do the pivoting obliques for every lateral mark contract supraspinatus to convey continuous lateral intention. turn it off when you don’t want projection. Impro Notes Molinete lineal is the default way of walking laterally: front side back side…. We can do molinete lineal toward the open and [...more]
Walk and Change Foot 5 July 2017 - Bio Notes Arch of connection shoulder external rotators triceps deltoids Impro Notes We walk on 2, 3, or 4 tracks. As 4-legged animals, our gaits organize the footfalls into beats. We don’t use canter and gallop, but we use several standard animal gaits. 4-beat gait: amble 2-beat gaits: pace (parallel-system) and trot (cross-system) We can [...more]