For the first time, TangoForge comes to Frankfurt to share our pedagogy and art for two weekends in April and May 2019.
26-28.April we will teach a workshop and perform. The workshop theme is Elasticity. It is already fully registered.
10-12.May we will teach a workshop and perform. The theme of the workshop is Interactions, sacadas and ganchos.
Friday evening: Sacadas (2 hours)
Saturday: Biomechanics (5 hours)
Sunday:  Ganchos (4 hours)
You can register for the workshop with a credit card below, or by contacting Annemarie


Friday evening 10.May
Technique and improvisation systems for front and back sacadas by both partners.​
  • 2 hour workshop
  • No partner required
  • All levels except absolute beginner


Saturday, 11.May
Projection, embrace actions, and use of the obliques (distinguishing lateral movements (side step, ochos, change of foot, and crosses) …
  • 5 hour workshop
  • No partner required
  • All levels except absolute beginner

Sacadas, Biomechanics, and Sunday Ganchos

All 3 Workshops, 10-12.May
How to find 16 ganchos at any moment....
  • 11 hours of workshops
  • No partner required
  • Ganchos workshop is only open to students who are taking the whole weekend.

Learn to use your body for tango. That’s Biomechanics.

Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all Argentine Tango relies on the same skills.

We have studied anatomy and biomechanics to be able to give direct and clear instructions for sublime connection, balance, clear communication, and fluid movement.

We teach Argentine Tango technique in a way that everyone can understand and implement, so that teaching is not a cult of personality and metaphor, but a toolbox that students can use on their own to diagnose their own errors, assist partners, and learn faster from any teachers.

Learn to use tango for your creativity. That’s Improvisation.

We teach tango from the elements, without sequences or memorization. Our goal is to empower dancers to experience creativity. The Lexicon of Tango is the repertoire of 25 Elements and their variations inherited from the 1940s. Until the mid-1990s, tango was understood in groups of steps, or sequences. The Cochabamba Investigation Group analyzed tango and identified the basic elements, from which dancers can compose. Dancing from the elements empowers dancers to to express every music, challenge partners to maintain intense concentration, and use space skillfully for better floorcraft.

TangoForge is a global community of dancers committed to sublime technique and maximum artistry.

We dance Argentine Tango in a traditional way which means that we take pride in our skills. We dance every movement in the Tango Lexicon inherited from the 1940s – in every variation, on both sides! We seek to dance with contrast of mood from serious to humorous, with a contrast of musicality working with the rhythm and the melody, with contrast of speed and dynamic, and variation in the embrace from sweet to sensual to athletic – always with sublime connection. We encourage all gender/roles, styles, and the application of tango to every music you love. If you want to work with us live, check our Workshop Agenda. Or use the chatbox below or email to schedule private lessons in Berlin.
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