We are a community of dancers committed to sublime connection and maximum artistry.

We are committed to the possibility that tango can be liberating and we seek to build ethical communities of dancers, Marks and Revels who work and play in dialogue and celebration of creativity.

We provide rapid and effective training for serious tango students.

Our instruction is precise, effective, and systematic. We teach tango from the elements, without sequences or memorization. We teach technique with scientific biomechanics.

Vio … danced in the top milongas of Buenos Aires for more than 300 nights in the virtuosic era from 2008-2011. She took 30 hours seminar from Chicho Frúmboli in 2010. Private lessons with El Pulpo, Dana Frígoli. Extensive training at DNI, Buenos Aires. From 2010-2014 she applied her scientific training to analyzing, testing, and reformulating every technical point and experimenting with instructions until she could produce dancers with perfect connection and delightful improvisation. Every biomechanical claim in our pedagogy has been verified by two academic physiologists.  Vio also draws on years of university teaching experience to create intellectually coherent classes which empower students.

In our Berlin Studio we provide rapid and  tour the entire Lexicon of Argentine Tango every six months, revealing the biomechanical technique and the improvisational possibilities.

Online We offer a Mastery video course of the entire Lexicon and the application of our Biomechanical Tools. We have built the first comprehensive KnowledgeBase of Tango Technique, using anatomically correct terminology to provide distilled, objective instruction for every tango movement. We have an Exercise Center where you can learn about muscles, muscle chains, and do solo workouts to improve your stability and fluidity.

We build tools to help dancers with the biggest tango challenges: finding the partners who accelerate you, effective practice at home, improvisation without memorization, and finding strength, balance, and pleasure in your body.

We travel regularly to teach workshops and we gather our global community of for an annual Seminar Compañeros TangoForge.

Vio’s Rebel Tango Blog offers apocryphal and encouraging insights on the tango scene, style, emotions, and authenticity. Readers say it’s “like water for tango dancers.” 

We dance Extreme Tango, taking the Traditional Tango vocabulary to the physical and improvisational extreme.

This is our History. We are TangoForge.

This video is a first Tryst with us, so you can hear and see who we are…

About Vio

Training … Danced in the top milongas of Buenos Aires for more than 300 nights in the virtuoisic era from 2008-2011 … 30 hours seminar from Chicho Frúmboli in 2010 … Private lessons with El Pulpo, Dana Frígoli … Extensive training at Escuela DNI Buenos Aires … 250 hours of Studio Pilates with former prima ballerina, Ali Townsend … 11 years of Yoga … 5 years classical ballet at the Russian Ballet School, San Francisco.

I lose myself with you.

You set me free. I feel like I can do anything.

With you, I don’t dance any clichés.

You have a lot of tango in you.

I’m just looking for the rhythm. You are about everything else.

I don’t have to think. I can just dance.

Perfect. That’s dancing.

Scientific commitment … PhD … Brings scientific skills of research, observation, analysis, theory, and praxis … From 2010-2014 worked full time analyzing testing and questioning every technical point … experimented on students “until I could get them to feel like my teachers and the best dancers I’d ever danced with”. Every biomechanical claim in the TangoForge pedagogy has been verified by two academic physiologists.

One of the best –maybe the best– tango teachers I’ve ever met….lessons are the most concise, complete, detailed way of describing tango I have ever seen.

After 12 years of very technical study, from Vio I’ve learned the physiological basis of all that technique — what my body is doing and why.

Professional ethics and pedagogy … Years of university teaching experience … Intellectually coherent classes designed to empower students … Communicating tango in a way that everyone can understand and implement, so that teaching is not a cult of personality and metaphor but an objective, verifiable toolbox that students can use on their own …

I’m a mechanic. I can’t learn by copying. You told me what to do and how to do it.

I learn more about tango there than in any other setting ever.

Evidence … Marks recognize our Revels at the first dance because of the sensitivity and readiness … Trained two of the most desirable marks in Sydney, Australia … In one year trained 3 intermediate dancers to become TangoForge Apprentices who can already diagnose and correct their own and others’ technical flaws and improvise with the entire repertoire of tango in both roles with clear technique.