We are based in Berlin, where we Train dancers to improvise with the whole repertoire of Argentine Tango in the outside lane, with sublime connection, mostly in close embrace, with dynamics to express any music. We build strong skills so you can make tango your own.

We travel regularly to teach workshops.

Our HyperForge facility offers resources to supplement your live courses, home practice structures, and personal training to help dancers around the world achieve your tango goals.

Our pedagogy is about finding accurate instructions that every dancer can enact. We use a small toolbox of concepts to drive technique across all the movements. To avoid sequences, we teach systems for finding all the variations of each movement in the Tango Lexicon. We have built the first comprehensive KnowledgeBase of Tango Technique, using anatomically correct terminology to provide distilled, objective instruction for every tango movement.

We are committed to the possibility that tango can be liberating and we seek to build ethical communities of dancers, Tango Sisters and Tango Brothers, Marks and Revels who seek creativity and celebration.

Vio’s Rebel Tango Blog offers apocryphal and encouraging insights on the tango scene, style, emotions, and authenticity.

We dance Extreme Tango, taking the Traditional Tango vocabulary to the physical and improvisational extreme.

This is our History. We are TangoForge.

This video is a first Tryst with us, so you can hear and see who we are…